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LOL r u insecure or just bored?

  • Y'all are clowning if you think this shit matters. Count your march madness points. Meanwhile I am counting on my Cholo's to make me the king of my city. Dont fucking @ me unless you know why the Coliseums were made in Rome. CALL ME AN ASSHOLE.

    But you are all contributing to the denigration of Black, Hispanic, and Native American culture by thinking this is something you should put your time into heavily. But you know you do you. How about playing the game instead of watching it happen. Go to your local park, go on a walk, or a hike, or skate. Swim at your local pool. Go camping and take ungodly amounts of psychedelics and come back reprogrammed. But please, sports are a part of the problem. Change is a team sport ya know...


  • this is relevant.


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