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yo im back.

  • Stan

    im back. i know this forum is dead as hell, but for 2/3 years now ive been working hard and getting better at music. my beats are now better, they sound unique, and have a london vibe to them. my raps are garbage tho and i sound like a right geez but whatever. anyways, i always said i'd put my songs on here when i completed them, so imma do that next week probably, if i get my vocal chain sounding good enough. be prepared for some garage and grime in the coming days, all produced and made by me. i've been making DnB also, because UK geezers love that shit. feels good to be back on the forum, and i have always wanted to bring it back to glory, so ofc imma be trying to do that too.

    much love to geezers,


  • $AP

  • welcome back . ❤


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