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  • I feel like theres so many upcoming artists who all want their music shared and allat but wont do the same for another artist and we need to realize that to get something we have to give something. So im making an instagram groupchat where everyone from artists to models to photographers etc will form a community/support structure. follow @glitterboyt on instagram and shoot me a dm, just say "groupchat" so i know and ama add you. only if you follow. please dont ask to be added if you know you cant/wont put your time and energy into hyping anyone elses content how you want yours to be, thanxx xoxo

  • Hypebeast

    u right, but u gotta be on the same wavelength

  • of course i will be bro we all in this together, we the ones we coming up with, literally, and we could all make it even if its not in what you first wanted


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